TK187 is the official sponsor of MRMAD Racing. For over 10 years MRMAD has been the “TurboKing” of Australia, running 6 second passes in the mid 2000’s, a feat that not many racer's have been able to come close to, until only just recently! 

MRMAD is a steel bodied,  ¾ Chassis, 1973 Holden LJ GTR XU1 Torana, sporting a new  Moran Motorsports, Twin Turbo, 540ci BBC pushing over 3000HP, which will be flying deep in to the 6 second zone and once again be at the front of the pack!

On December 1st, 2017, in it's 2nd ever full pass, MRMAD recorded a blistering 6.66 @ 216MPH.  On the 17th of March, 2018, we attended Sydney Jamboree and recorded 6.55 @ 230MPH on and off the throttle which is a good sign that a record time is near! Stay tuned as we delve deeper for low 6's and become the fastest 3/4 chassis, steel bodied car once again!

Being one of the most recognisable and iconic Pro Street based cars in the world, we are excited to be associated with MRMAD Racing and watch them once again reach the pinnacle of the sport in Australia.

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